Judy Thomas




Talent Director and Production

After 20 years on tour with Ice Follies, Holiday On Ice and Disney On IceSM, Judy Thomas hung up her figure skates in 1993.

As Casting Director and Production Coordinator, Judy Thomas is responsible for recruiting and hiring skaters for the 9 Feld Entertainment ‘Disney On Ice’ productions throughout the world. Once the shows’ fully cast, Judy also coordinates the new Feld Entertainment productions and works to maintain the existing productions.

As a professional figure skater, Judy carried on a family tradition. She hails from a family of ice skaters. “My father was an NHL hockey player, but since there were three girls in the family, we were all enrolled in figure skating lessons,” she says.

Judy grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and moved to Vancouver in 1971 and joined Ice Follies in 1973. Through her position, she is able to keep in contact with people with whom she toured on the shows, many of whom are now coaches who refer their students to Judy. Commenting on her position, she says, “It’s an absolute joy to offer a skater an opportunity, not only a job… that will truly change their life!