Ethics Guidelines For Taking The CER Courses

This document has been created as a supplement to the PSA Code of Ethics. As it is a supplement, it is not intended to replace the code of ethics already in place, but rather provide guidelines for our professional behavior. This document may not cover all possible issues.  
Listed below are guidelines regarding the ethical process to take CER exams.  Continuing Education Requirements (CER) are mandated by U.S. Figure Skating and administered by the PSA.   CERs are intended to foster continuing professional development of figure skating coaches. Their dual purpose is furthering the knowledge base of coaches as well as enhancing their professional training and performance at all levels. 

  • A study group with another coach or with other coaches is very worthwhile. 
  • When you actually take the test, do it by yourself. 
  • It is not ethical to have another person take the test for you. Coaches should be taking the exams themselves.
  • It is not ethical to take the test for another person.
  • When signing on to take the exam, you will need to certify that you are the person signing on and personally taking this exam.
  • False statements made by anyone taking the exam may result in disciplinary action.
  •  If you do not pass the exam, simply educate yourself in the area that you need more work on and take the exam again. This will benefit YOU and your clientele. 
  • As a professional, you owe it to your clientele to be knowledgeable, stay up to date with the latest rules and achieve and maintain the highest standard of ethical behavior.