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PSA E-Learning Series

The course and exam scope and content for the PSA E-Learning Series are “technique-based” with the how’s and why’s of basic theory woven into each course. Tier 1 is designed to introduce the student to the common language of figure skating and progress through the basic principles. The series will be expanded until PSA offers a full curriculum of e-courses. The exam consists of bank of questions that are derived directly from the course content and reflect the concepts that are the most important for coaches to comprehend and incorporate into their coaching.

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Full refund of e-course tuition requires advance withdrawal. Once a course is completed and the exam attempted, there are no refunds. The continuing education requirement (CER) is a rule of US Figure Skating which includes the number of credits needed. When a coach exceeds the number of credits attained for US Figure Skating, those additional credits are applied towards PSA educational credit requirements.

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