The PSA Guidelines for Ethical Behavior


The PSA has agreed to change its Code of Ethics and will not adopt, encourage its members to follow, or enforce any Code of Ethics provision relating to solicitation of coaching work that does not comply with the FTC Consent Order.

Ethics, as defined in Webster's New World Dictionary:
"The system or code of morals of a particular group or profession; conforming to the standards of conduct of a given profession."


Whether you are an arena manager or director, a coaching member of the Professional Skaters Association, or just the parent of a figure skater, you have the right to expect that those with whom you have a working relationship will act in a professional manner. In fact, from a manager or parent’s perspective, the minimum standard expectation should be that hiring a coaching member of the PSA will provide you with a qualified, well educated, and ethical coach. The links on this webpage will not only provide you with the PSA’s code of ethics and tenets of professionalism, but will serve as an educational resource regarding professional standards and the many issues and obstacles facing our industry today. As a final point, when all options and patience have been exhausted, there is the grievance process. Click on the link, Filing a Grievance. The grievance process is explained in broad detail there. It is important that you follow the procedures exactly. Improper or incomplete grievance applications are returned to the filing party to be corrected.

In 1964, a code of ethics was approved and adopted by the PSA at a meeting held in Cleveland, Ohio.