Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of PSA membership?
Benefits of PSA membership include, but are not limited to:
  •     •Bi-monthly magazine
  •     •Bi-monthly e-magazine
  •     •Access to liability insurance
  •     •Educational events
  •     •Ratings
  •     •Rankings
  •     •Hockey certification
  •     •Networking
  •     •Member pricing on events and merchandise

What type of membership is right for me?
The Full membership is for coaches that teach full time or as their primary source of income, program directors, or skate technicians. It is also for coaches who wish to pursue ratings beyond the Basic Accreditation by taking Sport Science and Medicine exams and oral exams. Only Full members hold voting privileges.

Associate membership is designed for coaches working part time. Associate members are eligible for liability insurance and the Basic Accreditation (BA) rating. However, these members may not take ratings beyond the BA or vote.

The Basic membership is intended for coaches teaching only group lessons, or for non-professionals such as judges, retired coaches, and people who simply want to support the Association. Basic members are not eligible for liability insurance or ratings, and do not have voting rights.

Two members may join as a Family as long as each has been a member at least one year prior and both are renewing. The members must live at the same address and be a family in the traditional sense of spouse-spouse, parent-child, etc. Family members hold the same qualifications and privileges as Full members.

How can I access insurance?
The link to the insurance web page is only available once you are logged into your membership account.

How can I add a rink to my insurance certificate?
  •     •Follow this link:  http://www.esixglobal.com
  •     •In the top right-hand corner of the main menu, please click ‘LOGIN’
  •     •Enter your email address and password and click ‘LOGIN’.
  •     •At the bottom of the page, click the “NEW CERTIFICATE” button.
  •     •Select the type of coverage which needs to be shown on the certificate (Evidence of Coverage or Additional Insured)
  •     •Enter the third party’s name and address (entity requesting the certificate)
  •     •Save and download/print your certificate as needed

Excellence on Ice FAQs

What is Excellence on Ice (EOI)?
Excellence On Ice (EOI) is a national award program established by the PSA that provides rinks and clubs with national recognition as a progressive training facility dedicated to excellence in coaching both on and off-ice. EOI clubs/facilities must have 100% PSA members on staff, all carrying personal liability insurance and seeking to obtain or maintain a rating in the discipline of their choice.

How can my rink/facility apply for EOI?
Fill out and return this form to PSA:

Ranking FAQs

What are rankings?
The Professional Skaters Association Ranking System is becoming recognized world-wide. The criteria to qualify for this program is directed toward the career accomplishments of PSA coaches based on the performance of their skaters. In this program, the career coaching record of a PSA member is established only through the accomplishments of a skater under his or her direction.

Rankings range from Level I (non-qualifying competitions) through Level X (coach of multiple world or Olympic champions).

How can I apply for a ranking?
You can view the requirements for each level of ranking and access the application forms here:
You may apply for the highest level ranking for which you currently qualify. If a higher level is achieved at a later time, a ranked coach may re-apply to upgrade to that level.