Filing A PSA Grievance

The PSA Grievance Process

The integrity of the PSA and its membership is very important to us.  In 1953, the Board of Governors established the Grievance Committee.  This committee was developed in order to hear the complaints, problems, etc., of a coach or rink and then act promptly and effectively.
The PSA is always concerned when it hears of any breach of ethical conduct.  Regardless, it would be a breach of PSA’s bylaws for the PSA to either encourage or discourage a person or persons filing a grievance.
It is an important duty of the PSA and the Committee on Professional Standards to give each grievance filed the proper attention and due diligence. No member should have any correspondence, signed or un-signed, placed in their file, that was not sworn to or without an opportunity to be defended.

 The PSA will only respond to a properly filed grievance. In order for a grievance to be considered, a formal application must be completed and submitted with an application fee to the PSA in care of the Executive Director at 3006 Allegro Park SW, Rochester, MN, 55902.  For information regarding the process, please refer to the Professional Standards area at