State Workshop

Running a State Workshop is a great way to not only educate the coaches in you area, but to also attain PSA educational credits without needing to travel or lose lesson time.

What is involved in preparing for a State Workshop?

• Can run any month excluding May, September and October

• May run 3-6 hours in duration

• Attending coach can receive 4-6 educational credits

• Economical way to attain your PSA credits without as much travel / hotel.

• $35.00 for members      $70.00 for non members

• Can choose specific topics that would be most meaningful to your area coaches:
1. Groups
2. Free Skating (Jumps / Spins)
3. Moves
4. Equipment
5. Ethics
6. Ratings
7. Synchro
8. Technical Specialist
9. Nutritionist

  • • Speakers / Presenters invited would be willing to donate their time, talent and expertise.
    * New as of 7/1/09: PSA can approve up to $100.00 for expenses for speaker per workshop (i.e. travel, lodging,   and honorarium)
  • • No ice time required or needed (not covered as far as reimbursement)
    *If you feel ice time would be beneficial, contact your rink manager or local club to see if they would be willing to donate ice time toward coaches’ continuing education.
  • • Would only need a few volunteers to help with:
    1. Registration desk
    2. Final arrangements for meeting rooms
    3. Any AV equipment which may be requested by your speakers
    4. Master Rated coach to proctor for BA and Sports Science exams

      • PSA office needs to receive workshop application with agenda, speakers, topic and length of each topic 90 days prior to proposed date

      •PSA will create state workshop flier to promote event.  Flyer will be sent to host to email to area members.

      •You can advertise on club websites, flyers at the rink and email other skating directors in your area to invite their coaching staff.

      The PSA office will send you everything needed once your application is sent in. They will also create your flyer for you once you have decided what your topics will be and you are closer to your Workshop date.

      You can tailor make it according to the needs of your area and the expertise you have available in close proximity. It is also helpful to choose a co host to help you with your preparations as well as the day itself. You can contact Barb Yackel at the PSA office (507) 281-5122 or Tom Hickey (610) 564-2461 for any help.