PSA is excited to announce a brand-new e-learning platform!

Before continuing with your 2019-2020 season CERs, please review the information below.

*Please note- the e-learning platform is NOT compatible with Safari.

New features include:

*3 easy steps

  1. Purchase a CER module in the PSA online store

  2. Check your email for a link to the course content

  3. Review course materials, take the exam, and submit for credit

*Single sign-on

Sign in to your membership account to purchase courses and you will be able to navigate directly to your e-learning account. No need to remember a second log in!

*No subscription fee

You receive an instant $25 savings as there is no subscription fee for the new platform.

*Easy navigation

With pre-bundled modules, you simply select the module that looks best to you, complete the four included courses, and voila! You’re CER complete! There is no more confusion about topic areas and how many courses you still need to take. Instead, we have created easy-to-select package options.


*Combined exam

After you have reviewed the study material, you will take a single 60-question exam rather than four separate exams. The exam has no time limit but must be completed in one sitting and you will have 3 attempts.


*24-7 customer support for e-learning

The e-learning platform provides round-the-clock customer support so you can purchase and complete exams on your time.


Each pre-packaged, pre-priced module ($70.00) contains four individual CER courses (one in each topic area). Choose and complete only one module. Completion of all four topics will fulfill the CER requirement for U.S. Figure Skating Coach Compliance for the 2019-2020 season. A completion certificate will be automatically issued from the e-learning system.

Completing a module after the July 1 compliance deadline will result in a late price of $160 per module. Complete only one module per season, as completing more than one for CER credit per season cannot be refunded. 

Pleae note the e-learning platform is not compatible with Safari. To purchase a module and begin your 2019-2020 CER course, click here or use the button below.

*Please note- the e-learning platform is NOT compatible with Safari.

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