Excellence On Ice

Excellence On Ice (EOI) is a National Award Program established by the PSA that provides rinks and clubs with national recognition as a progressive training facility dedicated to excellence in coaching both on and off-ice. EOI clubs/facilities must have 100% PSA members on staff, all carrying personal liability insurance, and seeking to obtain or maintain a rating in the discipline of their choice. EOI members receive recognition in PS Magazine.

The EOI program is a benefit of membership. To include your rink, download a registration form and staff list, complete the forms, and mail or fax to the PSA office along with copies of insurance policies (only for coaches who DO NOT carry liability insurance through the PSA). Once the registration is processed, your facility will receive an EOI shield for display and recognition in PS Magazine.

Excellence on Ice application



The Professional Skaters Association’s Ranking System is recognized world-wide. The criteria to qualify for this program is directed toward the career accomplishments of PSA coaches based on the performance of their skaters/teams. In this program, the career coaching record of a PSA member is established only through the accomplishments of a skater/team under his or her direction.

This distinguished ranking is recognized as a lifetime achievement by the entire skating community.

Rankings are listed in increasing order from Level I to Level X. If a higher level is achieved at a later time, a ranked coach may re-apply to upgrade to that level. Applications are accepted four times per year: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

Rankings are verified by U.S. Figure Skating and ISU records.

Ranking criteria

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