Nominations Subcommittee 

Following the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in March, members of the awards nominations subcommittee will participate in a conference call to nominate coaches for the coach of the year, developmental coach of the year, choreographer of the year, and sport science coaching awards. Appointees for the nominations subcommittee are members of the U.S. Figure Skating Coaches Committee, PSA Board of Directors, coaching members of the U.S. Figure Skating Board of Directors, and staff members of U.S. Figure Skating and the PSA. The subcommittee will consist of seven to nine members and represent all four disciplines (singles, pairs, dance and synchronized) and all three sections. 


Nominees for all four awards are selected using specific criteria. There is no set number of nominees for each award, but the coach of the year and developmental coach of the year awards must have at least one nominee from each discipline (singles, pairs, dance and synchronized).

The Ballot 

All nominees for all four awards are put on a ballot, which is sent to all members of the Coaches Committee of U.S. Figure Skating and the PSA Board of Governors. In addition, the choreographer of the year award ballot is sent to the International Committee and the sports science coaching award ballot is sent to the Sports Sciences and Medicine Committee. Ballots detail coaching records for the appropriate season as well as other award criteria. Votes are tabulated by the U.S. Figure Skating office to determine the award winners. Nominees are announced at Governing Council and the winners are announced and honored at the PSA International Conference at the end of May. Winners of the coach of the year, developmental coach of the year, and sport science coaching award are then nominated for the USOC coaching awards in December.

Coach of the Year

Presented to a coach who has made a significant impact on an athlete's performance and has distinguished themselves through years of successful teaching culminating in a special career achievement during the past year. 

2019 Laura Lipetsky
Patrice Lauzon
2017 Tammy Gambill
2016 Rafael Arutyunyan, Vera Arutyunyan, Nadezda Kanaeva
2015 Rafael Arutyunyan 
2014 Marina Zoueva 
2013 Christy Krall 
2012 John Nicks 
2011 Igor Shpilband, Marina Zoueva 
2009 Tom Zakrajsek 
2008 Dalilah Sappenfield 
2007 Vicki Korn 
2006 Pam Gregory
2005 Igor Shpilband 
2004 Priscilla Hill 
2003 Lynn Benson 
2002 Robin Wagner 
2001 Frank Carroll 
2000 Frank Carroll 
1999 Audrey Weisiger 
1998 Igor Shpilband, Elizabeth Coates
1997 Frank Carroll 
1996 Carol Heiss Jenkins 
1995 vacated
1994 Peter Dunfield 
1993 Evy Scotvold, Mary Scotvold 
1992 Christy K. Ness 
1991 John Nicks 
1990 Ron Ludington 

Paul McGrath Choreographer of the Year Award  

The Paul McGrath Award for Choreographer of the Year is given each year to the choreographer who best exemplifies the dedication to artistic excellence that was portrayed by Paul McGrath in his coaching and choreography.

2019 Shae-Lynn Bourne
Scott Brown
2017 Rohene Ward
2016 Cindy Stuart
2015 Rohene Ward
2014 Marina Zoueva 
2013 Tom Dickson 
2012 Pasquale Camerlengo 
2011 Igor Shpilband, Marina Zoueva 
2010 Igor Shpilband, Marina Zoueva 
2009 David Wilson 
2008 Lori Nichol 
2007 Braden Overett 
2006 Tom Dickson 
2005 Igor Shpilband 
2004 Tom Dickson 
2003 Tom Dickson 
2002 Tom Dickson 
2001 Lori Nichol 
2000 Igor Shpilband
1999 Lee Ann Miller 
1998 Lori Nichol 
1997 Peter Oppegard 
1996 Lori Nichol 
1995 Jill Cosgrove 
1994 Brian Wright 
1993 Sara Kawahara 
1992 Sandra Bezic

Developmental Coach of the Year

In recognition of new talent and superior teaching technique for a coach who has a career record of helping athletes develop to higher levels of the sport and as human beings. A nominee for developmental coach must never have had a national champion and should be recognized for their work with skaters below the senior level.

2019 Damon Allen, Christy Krall
Josh Babb, Pam May
2017 Elena Novak, Dmytri Ilin, Alexei Kiliakov 
2016 Aleksey Letov, Olga Ganicheva 
2015 Alexei Kiliakov, Elena Novak, Dmytri Ilin 
2014 Todd Sand & Jenni Meno 
2013 Tammy Gambill
2012 Tammy Gambill
2011 Kori Ade
2010 Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnson, Allison Smith 
2009 Jim Peterson
2008 Yaroslava Netchaeva, Iouri Tchesnitchenko
2007 Mark Mitchell, Peter Johansson
2006 Mark Mitchell, Peter Johansson
2005 Tammy Gambill
2004 Pamela Gregory
2003 Mark Mitchell, Peter Johansson
2001 Jeff DiGregorio, Pamela Gregory 
2000 Jackie Yarema Brenner
1999 Pamela Duane Gregory
1998 Priscilla Hill
1997 Jeff DiGregorio 
1996 Peter Oppegard 
1995 Traci Coleman

Pieter Kollen Sport Science Coaching Award

The Pieter Kollen Sport Science Coaching Award is for a coach who utilizes scientific techniques and/or equipment as an integral part of his/her coaching methods and/or is involved in research, development, publication and education in the areas of sport science and medicine as it relates to figure skating and coaching.

2019 Dr. Caroline Silby
Devin Wang
2017 Lee Cabell
2016 Lindsay Slater
2015 Diane Miller 
2014 Melissa Parker Vriner 
2013 Christy Krall 
2012 Kat Arbour 
2011 Christy Krall
2010 Heidi Thibert 
2009 Heidi Thibert 
2008 Christy Krall 
2007 Debbie Pitsos 
2006 Kat Arbour 
2005 Kathy Casey 
2004 Mitch Moyer