Benefits Of Membership

By joining the PSA, you are becoming part of the education organization for skating professionals. Take pride in knowing that the organization you belong to is committed to remaining the leader for all your skating education needs. No matter where you are in your coaching career, the PSA will help you get to where you want to be.

Come join us and take advantage of all that awaits at the PSA!

Everyone I’ve communicated with at PSA has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I am pleased to have joined the PSA this year.
— Naomi Greelis


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Subscription to our bi-monthly members-only magazine “The Professional Skater” PS Magazine. This publication contains information on what’s happening in the coaching profession such as education opportunities, upcoming events, SafeSport, sport science and medicine, connecting with fellow coaches and leadership, and much more

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Member rates to our educational events

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Each year we hold many educational events across the United States such as Seminars, Clinics, Super Sites, Ratings Prep, an annual PSA Summit and Trade Show, and more

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Rating and accreditation opportunities

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Access to e-learning courses, webinars, and on-demand video

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Access to coaching leaders through our Apprentice and Foundations of Coaching programs

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Access to PSA liability insurance (Full or Associate members only)

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Updates on what is happening in PSA and the skating community through our electronic outreach and Area Representatives Committee (ARC) leaders



Membership Options

  • 18 years or older

  • Coaching an average of 5 hours or more per week

  • Skate technicians and program directors

  • Qualify to take oral rating exams and sport science and medicine exams

  • Only full members hold voting privileges and can hold elective office

  • Taking skaters to U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competitions

  • Eligible for PSA liability insurance provided by Integro Sports

  • 16 years or older

  • Coaching an average of 5 hours or less per week

  • Coach whose main occupation is not figure skating but whose expertise is in off-ice training in fields such as dance, conditioning, biomechanics, or sports physiology

  • Associate membership is also for temporarily or permanently retired coaches

  • Qualify to take the Basic Accreditation exam

  • Eligible for PSA liability insurance provided by Integro Sports

  • Associate members do not have voting privileges and cannot hold elective office

  • 16 years or older

  • Primarily coaching group classes and does not teach private or semi-private lessons

  • Non-coaching professionals (judges or businesses who wish to support the goals and activities of PSA)

  • Basic members are not eligible for ratings or liability insurance, do not have voting privileges, and cannot hold elective office

  • Note: All Family members must have been an individual member with PSA for at least one year prior to renewing as a Family

  • Refers to a "family" in the traditional sense (spouse-spouse, parent-child, etc). Also requires that the family resides at one address. Family memberships hold the same qualifications and benefits as a Full membership.



Liability Insurance

Notice: You must be a current PSA member to purchase insurance.

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EPIC (formerly Integro) is pleased to offer member PSA coaches the opportunity to purchase, request and retrieve certificates of insurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via this website. In addition, we have included other useful tools relating to policy information, claims handling and risk management.

Professional Skaters Association offers this important coverage as a resource to PSA registered member instructors to further protect themselves for day-to-day instruction activities. The PSA Instructor Liability Program includes General Liability insurance. The General Liability policy provides liability protection to participating member instructors from claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage, and personal or advertising injury in connection with covered activities. (Many venue owners will require this insurance before an instructor is allowed to use a facility).

In addition, the program provides Participant Accident coverage (excess medical coverage) for member instructors while participating in the approved activities.

Summary of PSA Instructor General Liability coverage
Summary of PSA Instructor Participant Accident coverage



Disability Insurance

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The Chizmark Larson Insurance Agency has been in business for over 50 years and specializes in Sports Insurance Programs. We have a proud partnership with the Professional Skaters Association and are pleased to offer a Disability Insurance Program for the PSA members.

As Vice President of the Chizmark Larson Insurance Agency and a current figure skating coach as well as a member of the PSA for over 15 years, I understand the necessity of income protection as a self-employed individual and I am pleased to be offering the important benefits of Disability Insurance to the PSA members as an Association.

Disability income insurance provides for income during difficult times and is designed to replace a portion of your income if you become too sick or injured to work. Most individuals are dependent on their ability to earn an income. If you became unable to work due to illness or injury, would you be able to pay your bills on time? Disability Insurance, also known as Income Protection Insurance, does just that, it provides the insured an income even if they cannot work because of a disabling accident or illness. 

Summary of Group Disability Insurance Program


  • Monthly income benefits if a PSA member coach is unable to coach (work) due to an accident or illness.

  • Coverage for PSA member coaches includes accidents that may occur either on or off the ice.

  • Premium Discounts of 15% for PSA member coaches.  (10% in FL, MD and NJ)

  • Nationwide Program; Policies are available in 50 states. 

  • Worldwide Coverage: If a PSA member coach is out of the country and becomes ill or injured, benefits would still apply.  The waiting period for the policy would begin once the insured is back in the United States.

  • Simplified Underwriting. (Contingent upon age, health conditions and benefit amount)

  • Policy benefits are tax free.


  • Must be a current member of the PSA

  • Must be coaching 30 or more hours per week.  Coaching includes both on and off ice work, ie: competitions, test sessions, invoicing, off ice lessons, parent meetings, lesson scheduling, etc.

  • Must have Annual Net Coaching Income of $15,000.


To receive an Association Disability Income Quote, contact Francine Larson at: 815.725.6527 or